Thales Italia, SPA, Italy


Thales Italia is the Italian subsidiary of the French Thales Group, a leading international electronics and systems multinational company, addressing aerospace, transportation, security and defence markets worldwide.

Thales Italia employs about 500 people (17% is dedicated to R&D) with operations in Milan, Florence, Rome and Chieti.

Thales Italia offers technological solutions aimed to the air traffic management (ATM) sector, with capabilities in landing, navigation and surveillance systems; to the defence sector, with capabilities in military communications and electronic war; to the transports sector, with capabilities in rail signalling; in the security sector, with capabilities in protection and supervision of critical infrastructures.

Within the ATM sector, Thales Italia designs and supplies a whole range of systems for flight assistance, conventional (ground radio-beacons) and satellite radio-navigation, surveillance and control of airport traffic.

Thales Italia also designs, develops, integrates and supplies on-board avionics systems.

The ground radio-beacons are cyber-physical systems dedicated to aircraft guidance, so having an inherent nature of safety-critical systems and presenting wider and challenging issues in terms of multiple dependability criteria to be satisfied.

Relevant expertise

Thales Italia designs, develops and manufactures the complete range of ground radio-beacons for aircraft guidance: DME (Distance Measurement Equipment), CVOR and DVOR (Conventional or Doppler VHF Omnidirectional Radio Range), TACAN (TACtical Air Navigation), ILS (Instrument Landing System), NDB (Non Directional Beacon), etc.

Each of these systems addresses related issues in terms of safety and dependability.

Main tasks

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