Intecs Solutions, SpA, Italy


Intecs Solutions SpA (, founded in 1974, provides innovative software & hardware technology, engineering services and products for dependable safety- and mission-critical electronic systems. Intecs Solutions is a company part of the Intecs  Group which addresses activities related to the design and development of applications, tools, software, hardware components and products for Aerospace, Defense, Transportation, Telecommunication and Smart Systems markets in cooperation with major European and Italian Industries, Organizations, Universities and Research Centers.

Intecs’ capabilities in the field of System and Software Engineering represent one of its main competitive assets. Intecs has developed a broad range of experience in methods and tools for system and software model-based development, in all relevant safety-critical domains. Such experience has been acquired through a well-established and longtime co-operation with most of the major Italian and European electronic industries, the development of products, and the participation in several research projects and other European or national organizations.

Intecs has deep experience in solutions for the development of CPSs, in particular, component and model based development for high integrity, safety-related embedded systems, and development of tools. The unit has outstanding and long-time experience in the development of proprietary and open source solutions. Intecs contributes to the PolarSys Industry Working Group initiative of Eclipse ( created in 2012 for the development and maturation of industrial tools for the engineering of embedded systems.

Intecs participates in several (co-)funded R&D programs including ESA/ESTEC ARTES, FP7, ARTEMIS, and other Italian initiatives, with projects related with the development of technology for component and model based development and smart systems.

Relevant expertise

Participation in project ARTEMIS JU CHESS (Composition with Guarantees for High-integrity Embedded Software Components Assembly), ARTEMIS JU SafeCer (Certification of Software-intensive Systems with Reusable Components), ARTEMIS JU SESAMO (SEcurity and SAfety MOdelling), FP7-ICT OPENCOSS (Open Platform for EvolutioNary Certification of Safety-critical Systems), and ARTEMIS JU CONCERTO (Guaranteed Component Assembly with Round Trip Analysis for Energy Efficient High-integrity Multi-core Systems).

Main contributor to the open source CHESS MDE Methodology and Toolset (see the CHESS Project under Eclipse/Polarsys on

Main tasks

  • Improvement of the integration of CHESS with the Medini Analyze developed in SESAMO, to improve co-engineering and support for assurance.
  • Define an integration/interoperability  of the CHESS tool with Capella for improved system co-engineering purposes and seamless integration for software co-engineering.
  • Improve the synergies between Papyrus and CHESS, and connect with CEA automated testing tools.
  • Integrate system modelling with CHESS with the Magillem tool for analysis of performances based on virtual prototyping.
  • Improvement of the integration of CHESS with the WEFACT developed in SAFECER.