Integrasys, SA, Spain


IntegraSys, established in 1990, is an SME engineering company specialized in the design, development and integration of both Non Real Time and Real Time software and electronic services for operational critical environments.

The first activities of the company covered the development of automated test and measurement systems in the telecom sector, addressing areas such as: quality assurance, conformance testing, radio signal monitoring and type approval test certification of network equipment.

IntegraSys develops internal R&D activities to permanently enhance the quality of its products and maintain the high degree of innovation needed to compete in the nowadays telecom and aerospace markets. Besides, IntegraSys participates in R&D national and international programmes in consortia with leading partners. While maintaining its original expertise, the company develops today a wide range of software and services solutions in the telecom and aerospace sectors. Since 2006 IntegraSys has an specific engineering team devoted to Air traffic Management activities and developments, mainly focused on onboard Real-Time Middleware supporting heterogeneous OS, and programming languages  and on the integration of the ground and on-board platforms, including safety-critical systems.

Relevant expertise

We have participated in other EU funded projects providing use cases in the ATM domain. This allows us to apply the results obtained in those projects to the AQUAS project and foster synergies between them.

SWIM (System Wide Information Management) is in the Integrasys product portfolio since 2012. It is a middleware based on COTS technologies which enables to communicate systems via Request/Reply and Public/Subscriber paradigms. It is designed for avionics communications in order to monitor and control UAVs and aircrafts. This Software is used for different R&D Use-Cases so it is continuously improving.

AeroTrackCOM is a tool commercialised by Integrasys and used to enable trusted communication capability for aerial manned or unmanned missions. With this tool you can plan your flight mission and evaluate the necessary on-board communication components and network services for robust transmission of sensors data, platform telemetry or voice calls.

ATLANTIDA  ( this project was a Spanish research project coordinated by Boeing Research Europe, and focused on new ATM procedures pursuing SESAR objectives. In ATLANTIDA we developed the System Wide Information System (SWIM) middleware for the integration of the ground and on-board platforms.

CRAFTERS develops design tools and associated runtime support to enable the composability, predictability, parallelisation, aggregation and management of systems according to a service-driven or data-centric approach that entails performance and energy modelling and analysis, verification and scalability while preserving system-level predictability.

Search and Rescue for emergency situations based on unmanned platforms. IntegraSys to research and validate an interoperable platform solution to enable the communication between Unmanned Aerial, Ground and Sea Platform.

Main tasks

The role of Integrasys in the AQUAS project is acting as an industrial partner. We provide one of the use cases focused on the ATM domain, where we are bringing our expertise gained in the last years in this sector. We apply the AQUAS technology and methodologies to the development of the use case in each of the phases of the development cycle and finally evaluate the benefits of using the AQUAS approach.