Alliance Pour les Technologies de L’Informatique, France


All4tec is a company offering model driven solutions in the areas of systems engineering, dependability and V & V (Verification and Validation) of complex systems. In this context, All4tec is a software company with leading products such as MaTeLo (MBT tool – Model Based Testing) and Safety Architect (MBSA tool – Model Based Safety Analysis).

All4tec invests significantly in R&D projects in order to improve its products and to be more innovative on the market. The company is currently taking part in European projects such as CRYSTAL, OPENTCS, MERGE and French projects such as COVADEC, EQUITAS, SINETIC and CLARITY.

In 2011, All4tec created with the CEA’s research department a joint laboratory dedicated to the subject of MBSA.

ALL4TEC’s full legal name is “Alliance pour les technologies de l’informatique”. All4tec qualifies as an SME. Its headquarters are located in Laval (Mayenne, France, 280 km West of Paris) and it has an office in Massy near Paris. Its number of employees is around 50 and its turnover around 3.5 Meuros. All4tec’s main clients are from the Defence, Automotive and Railways industries.

The project will provide a significant opportunity to apply and improve All4tec methods (Model Based Safety and Security Analysis) and tools (Safety Architect) to better consider Safety/Security/Performance together, during the overall life cycle of complex systems.

Relevant expertise

  • Participation in project Build IT Safe, MERgE, CRYSTAL, and CLARITY.
  • ESF (Eclipse Safety Framework) is an Open source product (Polarsys) derived from Safety Architect

Main tasks

  • Improvement of links between Papyrus and Safety Architect.
  • Improvement of links between Capella and Safety Architect.
  • Collaboration on research aspects on safety and security analyses.
  • Integration of Medini and Safety Architect concepts