RGB Medical Devices, SA, Spain


RGB Medical Devices, SA (http://www.rgb-medical.com) was founded in 1988. RGB is at the forefront of biomedical instrumentation with strong orientation towards research and innovation in Medical Equipment for Operating Rooms. Developed products cover Vital Signs Monitoring and Infusion Pumps sectors. It is an ISO 13485 compliant and all products are CE marked in accordance to regulations. In AQUAS, RGB will be the Medical Use Case provider. The expected outcomes will be a testing  support to our current development line of Vital Signs regulation by means of drug infusion.

RGB was established in 1988.  The initial objective of the company was in the development of advanced medical devices and consultancy in the area of Bioengineering.  Amongst the different pioneering devices manufactured by the company is the Baricontrol.  This device was designed for B.Braun Infusion pumps Manufacturer to be used in clinical operations and intensive care units for arterial blood pressure regulation with an automatic dosification of vasoactive drugs; it became the first robotic device to provide automated medical assistance, with comparable and stable performance as compared to trained medical personnel.

Since 1992, RGB has moved into the Vital Signs Medical field with a wide range of vital signs multi-parameter monitoring products called Omicrom. The first model was launched in the Interhospital´95  exhibition in Hannover.

In the last years, RGB  has incorporated a broad number of new products and monitors, that cover the whole range of Vital Signs monitoring in a typical hospital environment currently used in more than 40 countries. From initial product design through pre-market clinical tests, all our products meet applicable standards of performance, reliability and durability.  RGB has signed commercial OEM agreements with companies like Spacelabs, Palco and Kontron for world-wide distribution.

Relevant expertise

The company has succesfully participated in several EU funded project, acting as coordinators in a few of them.  Its technical force of highly experienced engineers will be mainly involved in the management of AQUAS project. Some projects related with AQUAS where RGB has participated are shown in the second part of this table.

ARTEMIS project promoting OSLC interoperability and cross-fertilization among several domains (http://www.crystal-artemis.eu) is about fostering Europe’s leading edge position in embedded systems engineering in particular regarding quality and cost effectiveness of safety-critical embedded systems and architecture platforms.

Participation in project AIMES – Facility Management of Medical Equipment in Hospitals, PROSECCO – (http://www.2020-horizon.com/PROSECCO-Product-service-co-design(PROSECCO)-s41237.html) was about developing an integrated, modular innovation management system for product-service co-design (PSCD) projects in dynamic networking contexts. To promote Service into traditionally Industrial Product Oriented companies, OpenECG – (http://www.openecg.net) is a computerized ECG standards interoperability portal, to promote Open norms for ECG in cardiology. V framework of Telematics and SAFE 21 – EU project whose result was the first CE marked telemedicine multiparameter monitor of its kind.

Participated in various projects like Security analysis of ERTMS specifications, AFTER (A Framework for Electrical Power Systems Vulnerability Identification, Defence and Restoration), DISPO, SESAMO (Security and Safety Modelling), and DIDERO-PC (Diverse Database Replication  – Performance Comparison).

Main tasks

Use case partner for the Medical UC.