Clearsy, SAS, France


Established in January 2001 ClearSy is a SME specialised in the development of safety critical software and systems mainly in the railways. ClearSy has developed or contributed to a number of CASE and engineering formal tools and also provides dedicated tools like supervision (SCADA), simulation, and diagnosis software. Engineering activities include:

  • The realisation of worldwide projects committed to achieving results in the design and/or validation of systems and software
  • A technical support activity in the fields of formal methods and operational safety.

ClearSy engineers are skilled in various engineering domains (systems, mechanics, electronics, software, operational safety) and apply IT tools and an electronic laboratory to create prototypes and conduct trials. Collaborations with laboratories and industrial partnerships ensure the production of the various systems components (sensors and interfaces). The current staff is around 100. ClearSy headquarters are located in Aix-en-Provence (France) with business locations in Paris and Lyon.

ClearSy is involved in WP2, in charge of the railways carriage use-case. ClearSy is also involved in WP5 and WP6, as results will be promoted internally (improvement of in-house development cycle) and externally (conferences, fairs, workshops).

Relevant expertise

  • Joint works with microelectronics founders for certified smartcard microcircuits.
  • Invention, design, development and certification of several platform screen-doors controllers for metro.
  • Participation in project INTO-CPS, Formose, SafeOS, and Waruna.

Main tasks

Use case provider.