Brno University of Technology Czech Republic


Brno University of Technology (BUT) was founded in 1899 as the first Czech higher education institution in Moravia. Currently, more than 24,000 students are enrolled at BUT at 8 faculties and 2 university institutes. The Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) of BUT was established on 1st January 2002. It was developed from the former Department of Computer Science and Engineering established in 1964 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and later transformed into the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. FIT BUT thus has an almost 50-years long tradition in research and teaching in computer science and engineering.

Relevant expertise

FIT BUT researchers participating at AQUAS combine experience from several mutually complementary areas important for the project: (1) Development and applications of various automated methods for verification of safety of both software and hardware systems through advanced testing and dynamic analysis (using, e.g., the so-called noise injection) as well as static formal methods applied on the source code level, such as abstract interpretation, data flow analysis, or model checking. (2) Computer security including malware detection, network attack detection, network behaviour analysis, security of mobile devices, or reputation-based security. (3) Modelling and simulation of complex systems aimed at analysing various aspects of their safety, security, as well as performance. (4) Development of efficient hardware-accelerated computing architectures (e.g., for video processing) and methods of safety in programmable hardware.

Main tasks

The role of FIT BUT researchers within AQUAS is fully aligned with their above described experience. In particular, researchers from FIT BUT will work on suitable static as well as dynamic code analysis methods targeted mainly at concurrency-related issues, memory manipulation, as well as performance. Simulation-based evaluation of performance issues will be considered too. Moreover, BUT will, in a tight collaboration with its Czech partner TrustPort, also contribute to methods of detecting security incidents in embedded systems and will participate on evaluating security of the proposed solutions. Apart from that, in the Space Use Case, FIT BUT researchers will leverage their experience with FPGA-accelerated video-processing and safety in programmable hardware. Last but not least, BUT will lead the dissemination and communication activities within Aquas. In particular, FIT BUT is responsible for establishing a public project web site, utilising social media, e.g., blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.