Thales Alenia Space Espana, SA, Spain


In its more than 25 years of Space Heritage from its creation, Thales Alenia Space España has participated in over 135 Satellite Programs worldwide. TAS España participates in all space market segments

Science & Earth Observation

In the optical observation instrument field, TAS España is competence centre for medium resolution optical payloads within the group, being heavily involved in the Ingenio and Sentinel 3 programs, for the full assembly of the detection units and video electronics for the optical instruments. TASE has been awarded the contracts for a set of instrument control and video control units for the Meteosat Third Generation satellites thus providing us with a solid backlog to build upon our earth observation capabilities.

TAS España is a traditional supplier of TT&C and Digital units for main worldwide space agencies science and observation space programs (ESA, CNES, NASA, JAXA, CSA, INVAP, KARI, CONAE…).

More recently, in the frame of ESA, TAS España is getting more and more involved in the development of RF and Optical Sensors for Formation flying, a key technology in future science missions.

Relevant expertise

Development of a complex mixed signal ASIC for sensor Data Processing. This device is targeted for the ESA JUICE mission. It includes two DSP units that make it an ideal platform to validate the QuickStep developments

TASE is leading the Space living lab of this Project. In this living lab multicore architectures will be validated in fixed configuration. This will serve as a basis for QuickStep, where these static architectures will be used to crosscheck the results of the simulations and code generations against other modules and developments already validated through classic procedures.

Main tasks

Strong interaction is foreseen with the medical and railway Use cases as the reliability, safety and dependability constraints of these domains are very similar to those applicable to the Space Domain. Cooperation with TRT, Tecnalia, RGB, Clearsy and SYSGO is foreseen.